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Masks & Machetes - Ultimate "Graveyard" Game Box (Pre-Order)

Masks & Machetes - Ultimate "Graveyard" Game Box (Pre-Order)

The Ultimate "Graveyard" Game Box serves both as an integral part of the Masks & Machetes card game, but also as a way to store your collectible cards, dice and shot glasses!

Includes the first 60 cards, 4 Shot Glasses, 2 Dice and 2 cards EXCLUSIVE to this box - The INSIDIOUS Twins!

* Est Ship Date 12/7
*MASKS & MACHETES IS A +21 AND UP GAME. ShadowlandShop, Samhain Games, Masks & Machetes & Lo Key are not responsibly for any injury, sickness or death caused by this game. Please play responsibly.